Steve Livingston


For more than two decades, Steve Livingston served as a police officer with the Columbus Division of Police in Columbus, OH. During his time on the force, he oversaw community policing efforts throughout the city and earned several awards and commendations from his department and local government officials. Steve Livingston left law enforcement in 2015 and has since focused on building a career as a professional voice-over artist in Los Angeles, CA.

In addition to his work in the voice-over field, Mr. Livingston maintains an interest in winemaking, a pursuit he specialized in as a vintner with Camelot Cellars in Columbus, OH. He continues to enhance his knowledge and skills in this area through courses from the Napa Valley Wine Academy. His current studies are focused on several certification programs in both wines and spirits. Mr. Livingston's other interests include tourism and event management, which he is also studying as a master's student at George Washington University.

Outside of his professional and academic pursuits, Steve Livingston enjoys activities that range from glass blowing to scuba diving and target shooting. He also enjoys taking in the culture of Los Angeles, CA, and other cities by attending art and theatrical events.